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Hi! THis forum is not active anymore. Please make sre to ask your questions here -

Can  you please upload those two files here?

Hello Lilameo!

Can you please attach screenshot of the error and the file that fails to open? Thank you!


This is how to render to avi/mp4 file:

1. Choose File -> Render

2.  CHoose "ffmpeg" from "Target" dropdown.

3. Click "Choose" button and select destination directory for file. Also set filename and make sure it ends with ".avi" (or ".mp4). Click OK to close file selection dialogue.

3. Click "Render".


Please check this tutorial to learn how to create circle using shapes -

And here is the second tutorial showing how to animate shapes -

1. Please download installation file from here -

2. Run the installation file and go through installation steps.

After installation is completed, you can start application. Here is how to do that:

1. open start menu - hit button with Windows icon on your keyboard.

2. Type "Synfig" into search box.

3. An icon of Synfig will appear. Click on it to start application.

Hello! Please let me know what is your operating system.


I assuming that your OS is Windows. When you use the text tool for first time Synfig will freeze for a few minutes because it creates a font cache for your system. Just wait until the application start responding again (you will see a text layer appeared on workarea when this happens).

When you will use Text Tool next time there is no delay should happen.

Hello! Starting from October 13, 2017 we are providing optimized package for OSX users, which should eliminate the problem you have. Please check which package you use - if size is about 500 Mb then it is not the optimized one. The size of optimized one is about 100Mb.

Please check details here -