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lilameo 6 years ago updated by Morevna Project 6 years ago 3

i download the New oficial version of Synfig and all was working perfect, i save my project and when tried to open later to continue, It chashed Synfig or appeared a message that a Error ocurred (bug) and the archive don't open. 

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Hello Lilameo!

Can you please attach screenshot of the error and the file that fails to open? Thank you!

Sorry for the delay. The bug message apeared only when i tried to open these two files (please ignore the weird names >u<) but all the times that i tried to open the bug mesage to screenshot it Synfig chashed before it apeared, and somethimes randonly opened the archive like nothing happend. I really don´t know exacly why, but i never recieved the bug message before when opened other files, and those are smaller than the old animation archives that i made...

Can  you please upload those two files here?